Color zigzag template

If you are looking for a way to create a simple mobile game with addictive gameplay, then this template will help you in the development of such a project. Color zigzag - an endless runner, in which the player need to change the character color to match the color of the front facing gate by touching the screen. Along the way the player will find game currency to buy other types of characters.

These games are very popular all over the world, because with their help you can easily kill time in the queue or on the way home, and the game does not require any specific knowledge. Such game can provide a huge traffic to another your games or sell ads of other developers.

Monetization Strategy:
- displaying an advertising banner at the bottom of the screen (admob)
- Displaying interstitial ad, after the end of the level (admob)
- Advertising fee (unity ads)
- Disable advertisement


Web demo |PC demo|Android demo|Forum

Key Features:
- Ready to publish
- Mobile friendly
- Unity 5 support
- Free oncoming updates
- Easy advertising setting (admob) and IAP (google play)
- There is no need to do reskin, you can use all graphics
- Easy change the color of objects
- Clean and simple code of c #
- Automatic level generation
- Infinite levels
- Intuitive interface
- Addictive gameplay